goals of 10 series

Session 1: Freeing the breath.
Breathing is the basis of any change. In this session we work mainly on the chest, neck ribcage, arms and hip.

Session 2: Finding support from the ground
In this session we address mainly the lower legs and feet in order to facilitate a better foundation and support for movement

Session 3: Balancing the sides of the body
We connect the breathing with the support from the ground to get the sides of the body balanced

Session 4 and 5: Balancing the midline of the body
In session 4 we work on the lower midline of the body and the pelvic floor, while in session 5 we address the upper midline of the torso

Session 6: Balancing the back
In this session we aim to free the back of.legs and the pelvis as well as the entire back of the torso

Session 7: Putting the head on
In this session we work on the head and neck to create ease of movement and a sense of space

Session 8 and 9: These sessions focus on integrating the postural changes into movement and we address problem areas specific to the individual client.

Session 10: Closure
The final session aims at connecting all parts of the body and finding ways to integrate the changes into the daily  life of the client.